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 We are dedicated to making your products stand out & helping improve your brand by excellent processing solutions   

At Stand 3-D31 we offer 3 innovative, new applications: 

Firstly we invested heavily in solutions for
cream and chocolate fillings processing for biscuits and wafers: experience the 2014 edition of the highly successful RotoPlant in operation. The fully automated Rotoplant is an innovative tempering-aeration unit that continuously processes and deposits cream and chocolate on sandwich biscuits and wafers. The line on show also includes a pre-mixer and buffer tank. It is connected to a running MB&D Cookie Capper and can work with wafers and a wide variety of biscuit types.

Secondly a
brand new RotoCompact RP600 Aeration Unit is on show with an increased capacity of up to 600 kg/hr.  The unit can work as a single machine for medium sized bakeries, or used in series to service several different production lines. This trendsetter for flexibility can be moved around freely in the production facility and is multi-purpose.The RotoCompact is fully PLC controlled with automatic air system, one touch screen operating panel and pressure-independent air dosing system, including mass air flow controller.


Finally, the improved Dry Ingredients Blender provides a firm solution for ingredient inclusion by its intelligent design. Its sanitary design is according to EHEDG criteria. Inclusions are a valuable ingredient to bring texture, flavour and visual interest to aerated cream, nougat, chocolate or meringue japonais.

The TFT dry ingredient blender has a special internal design: it blends with two mixing screws that have no central shaft to which products could stick. It enables an even distribution of the dry particles without destroying the (foam) structure of the final product. An additional loss-in-weight feeder doses the right amount of dry ingredients by weight. 

Also there: 

  • From our current portfolio visitors also see on show a high standard RotoTemp scraped surface heat exchanger for tempering, cooling, reheating and pasteurisation of both liquids and very viscous masses.
  • As well as a RotoSheeter for continuous, pressure-less depositing of batter, creams, caramel, jams, nougat and other semi-viscous products. Both these systems are in approved EHEDG sanitary design.

Tanis Food Tec is a world leading supplier of modern, intelligent food processing solutions for the continuous production of bakery, confectionery and dairy products. As your partner we offer fully automated, completely closed plants with integrated on-site cleaning. Constant development of applications for new products are based on the need for a small footprint in the facility, flexibility of production and financial viability of a production line.